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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sepia Restaurant *

To savour the best for last...

My best friend had a surprise in stall for me.
The last of the three hatted restaurants 
in Sydney left to explore,
now let the journey begin!*

light cream cheese 
spread for bread

Amuse bouche
Hiramasa Kingfish

walnut, citrus salad, beetroot, sheep yoghurt and horseradish

Sashimi of Yellow Fin tuna
Jamon Iberico, poached quail egg, white soy jelly, dashi onion cream, Tasmanian wasabi, puffed buckwheat, red elk

Scampi tails cooked over Japanese characoal
shellfish custard, cystallised wakame, dill picked cucumbers, smoked trout roe, shiso

Soy glazed smoked freshwater eel
amaranth grain, sea urchin cream, arame seaweed, sorrel, nori and orange

Roasted pasture fed lamb loin, lamb breast
pine mushroom, Chinese artichoke and celery stem, goat milk, seeded rye, pumpkin rosemary and brown butter vinaigrette

alternative to lamb course

Seared Wagyu beef
nameko mushroom, flowering garlic chives, red onion juice, Tasmanian wasabi, fried potato and kombu crumb, citrus soy

Pre dessert
Saint Agur and mascarpone cheese
crystallised macadamia, celery cress, roasted chicory granita

"Winter chocolate forest"
Soft chocolate, chestnut and praline cream, lavender custard, blackberry sorbet, pomegranate jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised fennel fronds

Petits fours

As Pat Nourse, Gourmet Traveller, remarked: "Taste Tomorrow Today".
Does this mark the beginning of something wonderful?
I hope so!*

Sepia Restaurant and Wine Bar
Darling Park, Ground Floor
201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
+612 9283 1990