FOOD is fashion . FASHION is food . a VICTIM of fashionable food*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You've got mail *

Best efforts to avoid splurging over the Christmas season
are difficult when enticements arrive in the mail.
Fashion, food and new investment ventures
will be hanging on the line for 2012.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Women in Suits*

"Being a foodie doesn't mean only liking fancy food. 
It means having the courage to try it 
and then you can discern whether you like it."

Guess it is not so bad
to be a lawyer by day... 
and sometimes working into the night.
Foodie for all the other times in life.

Wise words from Rachel Zane in Suits, a television drama about NYC lawyers-

(thank you to currentlyonhold for this photograph)

Rachel: I don't get it. How do you have no appreciation for fine food?
Mike: I guess I'm just comfortable with what I am comfortable with.
Rachel: That's the exact opposite to me. I have always loved new experiences. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jean Georges *

"Explore JG Vongerichten's signature vibrant cuisine
and develop a love for aromatic flavours of the East.
With an impressive three-star Michelin training, 
the food is guaranteed to impress."

As the elevator doors slide open, a sign is illuminated before us. 
Reminiscent of a painting from Picasso's cubism era
- JG's distinct trademark. 

Already impressed, yet I have not even entered the dining area!
Walk through the small archway into a grand auditorium.
Trendy decor 
with high ceilings; 
big round tables enough to seat for twelve, but only set for two; 
encompassed by circular lounges; 
and peer through the window panes to see all the commotion along The Bund.

Abandoning the traditional use of meat stocks, and instead, features intense flavours and satisfying textures from the use of vegetable juices and fruit essences, light broths and herbal vinaigrettes. Innovative ideas that have adapted to and impacted on the global culinary landscape.


crispy crab cake
celeriac remoulade, pink grapefruit and ginger

sea scallops
with caramelized cauliflower, caper- raisin emulsion
grilled pork chop
glazed bok choy with chilies and mint

grilled chicken paillard
frisee, argula and cheese


almond financier
ginger ice cream, baked apple

chocolate soufflé tart
mint ice cream
petite fours

~ ~ ~
4F, No.3 The Bund
3 Zhong San Dong Yi Road
+86 21 6321 7733
~ ~ ~

I heart chicken *

Simple, quick and easy.
grilled chicken breast for lunch,
I love.

Three Sweet Words *

I Love You
- you know who you are.
We all have a special someone
who we forget to remind everyday 
just how important they mean to us.

Now let's not eat our words

M on the Bund *

"Located at the pinnacle of the historic Nissin Shipping Building c.1921,
M overlooks Shanghai's most famous site:
The Bund."

References to Shanghai's glamourous past are updated and given a contemporary spin. Flavours range from the comforting to the novel, from Europe to the Middle East, but remain grounded in classical European techniques.

How fitting that I dined at M on the Bund with M. 
We laughed at the concept that all the cutlery and china bears her initial!

bread & butter

some beverages
tea & coffee
(highlight was not the drink, but rather the beautiful cups!)

An autumn soup
with pumpkin, chickpeas flavoured with star anise

A salad
of pickled ox tongue and shredded beef brisket
with dill cucumbers, peppery cress, radishes
and a mustard seed dressing

homemade pappardelle pasta
tossed with braised lamb, spinach leaves and green peas

coq au vin
chicken cooked in a good red wine
served with creamy mashed potatoes

petite fours
Turkish Delight & Lemon Marshmellow

~ ~ ~
7F, No.5 The Bund
+86 21 6350 9988
~ ~ ~

New York Fries *

"Hand cut, skins on and cooked in sunflower oil.
Served hot and crisp.
Perfect fries, every time."

One step closer to NYC
Facing Wall Street on the docks,
with a side of olives, tomato relish and cheese sauce.

tandoori chicken
chicken, shredded coconut, basil leaf, curry, tandoori spice

~ ~ ~
Shop 2602, Level 2
Gateway Arcade, Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
+852 3106 4686
~ ~ ~

Framing Life *

... a few sentences will do.


A place you grow up wanting to leave,
and grow old wanting to return."

Surprise house party with the family.

Like all families,
we have our share of eccentricities, 
traditions, lame jokes and pointless disagreements.
Although we always agree on one thing,
enjoying great food!

land, ocean, air
lamb chops, fillet steak, chicken wings, smoked salmon, sashimi, cooked prawns, tung choi, bitter melon

mango pudding

Momofuku Seiōbo *

"From NYC, Toronto to Sydney.
A lucky peach now sits amongst our dining scene.
Seiōbo is the japanese goddess of the west,
and she is here to stay."

Blink and you shall miss 
the inconspicuous door 
concealed in a grey wall. 

Seated along a bench in perfect view of the entire open kitchen. Not a fine dining scene by any means, yet the food was superb. Watched as the chefs prepared our dishes step-by-step, and in the background, we spot the master himself- David Chang. Highlights were the petite fours and David Chang serving up one of our courses! Don't want to ruin the surprise, but let's just say, you'll need to use yours hands.

- Thank you JS for taking me! 

shiitake chip, nori, mochi, smoked potato

steamed pork bun
pork belly, cucumber, hoisin

striped trumpeter
blood orange

white asparagus
marron, szechuan pepper

radish, fermented black bean

smoked eel
Jerusalem artichoke, pink grapefruit

swimmer & spanner crab
butter, pepper, pudding

toasted rice, brown butter

hand torn pasta
goat cheese, chili, mint

striped trumpeter
fennel, wakame


lamb neck
daikon, pickled turnips

honey licorice, bee pollen

wattle seed
malt, crispy milk

picked strawberry, toasted rice, mustard

petite fours

~ ~ ~
The Star
80 Pyrmont Street, Level G
Sydney NSW 2009
~ ~ ~