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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back from Berlin *

When my brother returned from his exchange to Berlin,
he brought home an unique array of souvenirs...
Most were chocolates he had collected during his travels around Europe, 
yet each had an unexpected twist.

white tiramisu almonds from Belgian; earl-grey tee from Germany; 
LadurĂ©e milk almonds from Paris; Sprungli grand cru milk block

dark truffles & rose-essence bar from Germany
(strong cocoa aromas gave an extra dark accent on the palette.
rose bar was reminiscent of an unsweetened turkish delight,
though not too keen on alcoholic centres in the truffles.)

Sprungli pralines handmade from pure Swiss chocolate
(Usually I'm not a fan of milk chocolate, but these tasted superb. 
Silky smooth texture were the defining feature for these bite-sized treasures.
Now I understand why Swiss chocolate is honestly the Best!)

Plus some new additions to my postcard & coin collection!

Greenery is Gold *

Inspired by the tones of green and gold in our garden,
my mission today was to create a dish that embraced this colour palette.
It was quite fun to rummage through the pantry 
in search for something yellow and green!

avocado fan, pine nuts, roast pumpkin & curry beef cubes 
with soy & linseed toast

Cafe Morso *

From the lower deck of Jones Bay Wharf
is an unsuspectingly serene view of Sydney Harbour.
Overlooking clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight, 
there is a refreshing breeze as yachts dock nearby.

Another lovely brunch with M,
     which was a perfect opportunity to catch up & relax!

banana smoothie with honey & cinnamon dust

sauteed wild mushrooms with truffled scrambled eggs on Sonoma sourdough

twice baked gruyere souffle with fresh herb & semi-dried tomato salad

capturing a Kodak moment

Cafe Morso
Lower deck, Jones Bay Wharf
21 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009
(02) 9692 0111

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast fait par moi *

To celebrate the long weekend,
there is nothing like waking up bright & early
to prepare some breakfast for the family.

Enjoying the morning sunshine under the gazibo, 
table is set & we're ready to eat!

For dad:
mixed fruits upon soy & linseed stack
blueberries, strawberries & banana with low fat cottage cheese, drizzle of organic honey on soy & linseed toast

For mum:
Campos coffee & almond cookies
(fashioned in an adorable oversized Tweety mug that Q gave me)

Parents are all smiles!

And for moi,
a smaller portion of the breakfast stack I conjured for dad.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Orto Trading Co *

Funky new restaurant to grace the Surry Hills scene 
with an array of British-inspired dishes. 
Now less talk by me and more eating with our eyes. 
Let us commence:
"see-food" diet!

Hanging bottles of flowers dangling from the ceiling, check.

three cheese & parsnip cigar

scotch duck egg
with house-made pork sausage and Orto's piccalilli
(larger than life soft-boiled duck egg)

pickled mackerel
with smoked chilli-lime salsa and char grilled sourdough
(great choice by K as I had zero expectations re: mackerel.
after initial tastings, couldn't get enough of it!)

potato batons
with a smoked bone marrow aioli
(best gourmet take on wedges, ever.)

mutton wellington
with broad beans, snow pea shoots and mint jelly
(Personal highlight of the night! 
an unconventional twist to the traditional beef wellington.
blast of textures from mint jelly sweet freshness, mutton savoury tenderness, 
potato rosti prism layeredness & other randomness. LOVE!)

salty chocolate ganache
with peanut butter ice and fresh celery
(always right, never left with desire, when it comes to peanut butter & chocolate.
dense dark chocolate ganache decorated by 
celery swirls & chucks of peanut butter ice
though the pastry was a bit too thick for my liking)

Another successful night with my culinary soulmate!

Orto Trading Co
38-52 Waterloo Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
0431 212 453

The Grounds of Alexandria *

"Located in an old pie factory from the early 1900s,
this inner city sanctuary embraces an industrial aesthetic.
With a holistic approach to food and design,
the kitchen uses sustainable practices 
to grow produce for their seasonally inspired menu."

Well worth the wait for a table at this superb venue
housing a coffee research facility, organic garden, cafe & bakery!

Browse through the current season of flowering crops in the front gardens, 
where chickens are clucking and fresh produce are blooming.
An assortment of fresh summer fruits, traditional lemonade 
and an incredible range of granolas are also on display.

house cured ocean trout
soft boiled eggs with dill creme fraiche, pickled cucumber, 
micro herbs and sourdough
(one word: amazing. a work of art by sight and on the palette.
perfect combination of sour, creamy & umami!)

The Grounds Breakfast Board
double smoked ham, avocado, fresh heirloom tomatoes,Persian feta, two poached eggs, house made pesto and toasted sourdough
(bit of this and a bit more of that.
everything one may wish for breakfast!)

my dear friend P, who is ecstatic at the thought of another business idea
stay tuned...

The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street
Alexandria NSW 2015
(02) 9699 2225

Eurobay Cafe Bar *

Along the heart of the busy cafe/restaurant strip at Brighton le Sands
there is a special haven, a getaway, a place to just go in to wind down.

K and I regularly come to catch up here, 
taking advantage of the glorious sunshine on a Sunday afternoon. 
Our version of a "beach" outing at it's best!

Coffee by fix
soy latte

To Nibble On
herb pizza crusts
garlic, oregano, melted mozzarella & olive oil

The Standard Salads
hellenic vegetable
char-grilled eggplant, zucchini, roasted red capsicum, artichokes, olives, 
sun-dried tomatoes & goat's cheese in a white balsamic vinaigrette.
Custom addition: grilled chicken breast
(Contrary to it's namesake, this is no standard salad. 
Balanced tang of vinaigrette gave life to the rustic mediterranean vegetable mix.)

Eurobay Cafe Bar
86 The Grand Parade
Brighton Le Sands NSW 2216
(02) 9597 3300

Colourful evening *

Lovely dinner hosted at Aunty Elaine's to celebrate Andrew's 22nd birthday. 
Set upon a rainbow tabletop, it was surely an evening to remember for our family gathering.

Roasted chicken, steamed broccoli,
baked pumpkin, potatoes and purple sweet potatoes
(healthy feast & deliciously homemade!)

(Chinese pastries traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn festival. 
There is a thin crust enveloping a sweet dense filling of 
lotus seed paste with yolk from salted duck egg.)

Kitchen by Mike *

Former Rockpool chef Mike McEnearney is serving blackboard breakfast specials and buffet-style lunches in the Koskela design warehouse. A simple menu driven by flavoursome produce, freshly baked artisan bread and quick service. Seems to be the recent trend for warehouse eateries, although I prefer the food at The Grounds of Alexandria. 

M and I en route to our next food adventure!

triple berry smoothie
(sipping from a cute candy-twirl straw, tick!)

Eggs benedict 
(Looks weren't appealing but tasted sensational! 
Brioche was denser than normal but very tasty,
and the hollandaise sauce was a pleasant surprise.)

gourmet house smoked ham, smashed eggs on sourdough
(bit let down by the lack of flavours in the ham,
smashed egg is a nice alternative to the poached style.
Overall, average.)

Bustling patrons queue up for the start of lunch offerings

Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 9045 0910