FOOD is fashion . FASHION is food . a VICTIM of fashionable food*

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dine to Impress *

Fashionistas will always dress to impress,
while the lovers of food shall try &
dine to impress!

An invitation for family friends to come over
is like a catering contract for my family.

Implied Terms:
Dress code: loose clothing to prepare for consuming large quantities of food
Time: 1 day planning, 3 hours of preparation, 30 minutes presentation
One Condition:
3 hours of continuous eating & drinking

red wines
(uncorked two hours prior to allow for oxidation)

crispy nut shrimp clusters
deep fried shrimp balls 
coated in pinenuts or almond slithers

fresh Sydney rock oysters
(perfect with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice)

salmon sashimi
(fresh from the markets, on top of a bed of ice to keep cool)

silk gourd & calamari in seafood sauce
(my favourite chinese vegetable- firm exterior, soft inner with eatable seeds)

free range chicken & coriander
(steamed- served cold with diced ginger & shallot dressing)

barbequed jumbo prawns

coral trout with ginger & shallots

dried scallops in oyster sauce

abalone, shiitake mushrooms, iceberg lettuce

Now that the table is set,
let the eating begin!

With a cherry on top *

When two cherries just come together...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watch Eat Drink *

B & Q spending the day at home on a WEDnesday

Kim Kardashian's fairytale wedding
followed by
Paris haute couture fall collection 2012 on FTV

healthy sustenance before gym

San Pellegrino sparkling water


For Q
smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, broccoli, 
cherry tomatoes with parmesan & coriander

For B
smoked salmon, roma tomatoes, hunter valley brie on rye
garnished with coriander

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad can be Good *

Once in a while
you have to fight through some bad days,
to earn the best days of your life.

Sweet Art *

Affordable luxury
that looks too good to eat.

CNY 2012*

An entire day of celebrations with family-
cooking, eating, drinking, and preparing food
for more festivities tomorrow!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year
"May 2012 bring you and your family
good health, luck and prosperity!"

baby dragon money tins

CNY candied fruits assortment
lotus seed, chestnut, coconut, carrot, winter melon, ginger

morning tea ceremony
chinese tea, two red dates, candied winter melon strip

vegetarian breakfast: eight "lucky" foods
shiitake mushrooms, dried black fungus, tofu skin, red dates, dried bamboo shoots, black moss, vermicelli, dried oysters
and a sprinkle of sesame seeds

afternoon snacks
deep fried sesame puffs with red bean

family dinner
red coral trout with ginger & shallots
pork knuckles, oysters, shiitake mushroom, black moss
braised duck; bbq jumbo king prawns
steamed chicken; lamb cutlets
 deep fried pigeons, chinese cabbage

and for the day after
CNY cake

lucky candy
chocolate peanuts, gold coins & gold bars
sesame dumpling

Saturday, January 21, 2012

L⊝Ve for C.ny *

Two more days until 
the Year of the Dragon and
Chinese New Year 2012!

Whether you are handing out money in red envelopes,
or the happy recipient of money from elders -
CNY is a time of celebration:
eating symbolic food for good fortune & spending time with family.

Wishing everyone
luck, health and prosperity
for the upcoming 366 days!*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beautiful & true *

"You will always be beautiful to me,
and I will always be true to you."
- BACI quotes Ciro de Pers

Shanghai Min *

Dumplings are everywhere in Shanghai,
but to dine in upscale clean surrounds is more scarce.
Take a break from Din Tai Fung,
and opt for another major restaurant chain
with some eclectic dishes on offer.

pan-fried wontons
pork & vegetable with black sesame

stir-fried with oil-braised bamboo shoots

eight treasures
hidden in glutinous rice

Xin Tian Di


You can fall out of bed and look good?
lip liners, brow pencils, spackled-on foundations.
The hottest beauty trend of 2012 is

Apparently so, according to Rosenbloom's article in the New York Times.

Sounds perfect to me!*

Fountain Lounge High Tea*

Winding down from a busy day of sightseeing,
and pamper yourself with traditional high tea 
by gradually descending step by step
from savoury to sweet delicacies.

 Grand Hyatt, Bejing

Bodega Tapas Restaurant & Bar *

Tame the colorful bull like a brave matador,
dare to challenge your appetite
and try all the Argentinean tapas on offer?

"en escabeche"

beef empanadas
Argentinean style with salsa criolla
(impressive, though somewhat reminiscent of Momofuku's bbq pork bun)

seared scallops
with morcilla, braised cabbage and pickled cauliflower
(highlight! beyond aesthetics, carefully constructed layers with a zesty finish)

quail egg muffin
dukkah and oregano

veal sweetbreads
with prawns, soft egg, multigrains and chicaharrones
(super soft boiled egg forms a liquid centre, surrounded by mounds of healthy accompaniments)

216 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills
(02) 9212 7766

Haagen Dazs *

Favorite pastime in Shanghai
was to keep warm & savour
ice cream on a chilly Winter's day.

Sweet Christmas memories linger on the palette,
stirring excitement for what shall be in store for 
Chinese New Year *

flower blossoms
six of the most delectable Haagen Dazs ice cream flavours
served in a delicious waffle bowl
(p.s. can you spot Santa's Little Helper?)

icy melting chocolate
a mysterious present packed with chocolate skin,
let the dark chocolate source give you a secret Creme Brulee sensation