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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dine to Impress *

Fashionistas will always dress to impress,
while the lovers of food shall try &
dine to impress!

An invitation for family friends to come over
is like a catering contract for my family.

Implied Terms:
Dress code: loose clothing to prepare for consuming large quantities of food
Time: 1 day planning, 3 hours of preparation, 30 minutes presentation
One Condition:
3 hours of continuous eating & drinking

red wines
(uncorked two hours prior to allow for oxidation)

crispy nut shrimp clusters
deep fried shrimp balls 
coated in pinenuts or almond slithers

fresh Sydney rock oysters
(perfect with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice)

salmon sashimi
(fresh from the markets, on top of a bed of ice to keep cool)

silk gourd & calamari in seafood sauce
(my favourite chinese vegetable- firm exterior, soft inner with eatable seeds)

free range chicken & coriander
(steamed- served cold with diced ginger & shallot dressing)

barbequed jumbo prawns

coral trout with ginger & shallots

dried scallops in oyster sauce

abalone, shiitake mushrooms, iceberg lettuce

Now that the table is set,
let the eating begin!

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