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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colourful Fiesta*

"What better way to celebrate than to dance, laugh and eat at a Colourful Fiesta!
Dress code for the night: Wear ONE bright colour from head to toe
Entertainment run sheetZumbathon, Brazilian Samba Dancing Girls and Capoeira Boys, Lambada Competition, Cake, Speeches, and DJ Aldini
If, for some miraculous reason, these are not enough temptations to make an appearance... 
Food Smorgasbord awaits!"

Driving from Sydney's CBD en route to Forestville, I unwittingly embark on a scenic tour of the mountainous terrains surrounding Bradfield Highway. Unlike the suburb Cherrybrook which misleadingly suggests there are cherries everywhere, I can confirm that there are indeed forests in Forestville! Anyways, moving on from that poor attempt at humour ~ When I read the words "dress code" and "bright colour" in the same sentence I was really excited. I love dress up parties so any excuse to dress up will do. It was exciting to see all the guests make an effort for their costume, or at the very least, fashion a colourful outfit. Of course, the best dressed couple were also the hosts of the event, so a toast to their creativity for their costumes and organising the party!

Brazilian Samba Dancing Girls and Capoeira Boys
(Great entertainment for the entire night. Acrobatic skills of the Capoeira Boys were particularly impressive and it was interesting to see their pants are the national colours of Brazil. Eye-catching sexy costumes were worn by the Samba Girls which consisted of copious feathers and beaded detailing. Clearly their lack of clothing is justified by the heat wave experienced in Sydney at the moment.)

Moving on from the scarcely clothed, yet extremely talented, performers to more important matters at hand- Food! Dance music filled the great hall with a partying buzz that infected everyone from the young to the old. Meanwhile, the energy from participants in the Zumbathon were exponentially increasing as familiar songs were played. Listening to old time favourites (Macarena, Nutbush and YMCA- just to name a few), combined with my quest to photograph and sample each dish in the FOOD SMORGASBORD kept me entertained throughout the night.

Greens Mix
Beans, Zuccinni, Cous Cous, Tomatoes, and Slices of Lime

Red Salad
Dried Cranberries, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Baby Cos Lettuce, Fetta

Pumpkin Salad
with Fetta, Coral Lettuce, Corn Kernels, Pinenuts and Roma Tomatoes

Pasta Twists

Curried Sweet and Sour Pork

Vegetarian Lasagne
Spinach and Ricotta layered between Sheets of Homemade Pasta in BĂ©chamel Tomato Sauce

Soya Chicken 
with Crushed Peanuts

Potato Egg Salad
with Bacon, Onions Tomatoes, and Chives

Chicken Schnitzel
Crumbed with Herbs and Spices

Watermelon Fruit Bowl
(Watermelon pieces mixed with a variety of fruits contained in a Watermelon shell! A clever way to reuse ingredients for the au naturale way to presenting a fruit salad- and no-one will need to wash the dishes!)

Assortment of Homemade Cookies

Baby Cupcakes
Topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Multi-Colour Buds

Multicolour Fruit Pudding

Lebanese Sweets
Baklawa with Cashew NutsBasma with Pistachios, Boaj, Maamoul, Fatira with Walnut

(One is never enough!)

Sponge Log
Filled with Cream and Custard Filling

(Pink napkins are folded into flowers to top off jars containing hand creams and body lotions.)

Instead of presents, over $1500 was raised for the Queensland Flood Victims through donations and raffles.

Group photo of a massive RAINBOW of people having the time of their lives!

"Macarena dreams of the Corte Inglesi§ and she likes the most recent fashions. 
Come join me, dance with me. And you fellows chant along with me. 
Move with me, chant with me. And if you're good, I'll let you eat with me..."

~ ~ ~
Forestville Memorial Hall
3 Starkey Street, Forestville
~ ~ ~


  1. so much delicious food! man that sponge log is calling to me!

  2. Awesome Bonnie! What an awesome way to present the highlights of my 40th B'day party extravaganza!!! I really appreciate your amazing talent at putting this together for me! I was really impressed by your professionalism. You made the food look even more scrumptious than it was! LOL! I was having too much fun to eat that night - I did have 3 glasses of champagne towards the end of the night though & danced it off with my friends who stayed till the end. Yay! What a NIGHT!! Love your work Bonnie! Love you! Cheers again for doing this for me.. See you at the Cousin's Get-Together soon! Love Kathy xxx