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Monday, January 24, 2011

Baroque- Bistro, Bar & Patisserie*

"After 35 years of operating La Renaissance Patisserie,
the Charkos family have continued their culinary tradition by establishing Baroque.
Like the artistic style prevalent in 16th Century Europe, the food is characterised by
dynamic movement, overt emotion and self-confident rhetoric.

A classic French bistro providing affordable dining at The Rocks and you can view the desserts being handmade on-site in an open plan pastry kitchen! I love the fact that it is a nice place to eat, drink and relax for almost any occasion. Taking a trip down memory lane, I must thank Bee for my discovery of Baroque. During a discussion with him about macarons (or more precisely, grieving about the absence of Ladurée in Sydney), he informed me that I can take comfort in the meantime from macarons at La Renaissance. We headed there immediately, but opted for Baroque instead to sit down for a catch up. Bee had previously worked at Sailor's Thai and was well acquainted with Olivier, so we ended up receiving our meal complementary- with macarons to take away as well! A delightful first experience, which has reminded me to visit Baroque time and time again.

Three tastings, with 
Three as company, on 
Three separate occasions (ok, maybe more than three- but it fits the poem!), 
call for One place: 

ONCE: Lunch with the Family

Frite, Béarnaise

Poached Eggs, Grilled Mushroom, Bacon, Champ Potato on a Toasted Baguette

TWICE: Brunch with the Girls

Croque Madame
French Style Toast, Ham, Gruyère Cheese, Soft Boiled Egg served with a Mini Mixed Leaf Salad and Chips

Le Pain
Drizzle of Olive Oil, Sea Salt Flakes and Cracked Pepper

Salad of Butternut Pumpkin
Hazelnuts, Nasturtium, Goats Curd, Mushroom Ash

Lamb Feet Salad 
with Caramelised Walnuts

Violet Macaron with added Sparkle

THRICE: Afternoon tea on my dayoff to relax & plan for the week ahead

Cafe Gourmand
Selection of Macarons (Dark Chocolate, Coffee & Pistachio) with Skim Latte

But I assure you, once you eat one they become very addictive. So it is only natural to succumb to temptation and purchase one box (or maybe even two) of macarons for your friends to taste every flavour!!

P.s. A little secret for those who just want to sample one macaron. Upon request, macarons may be sold individually in cute cube-shaped boxes!*


  1. yummmmmmmmmm!!!~ <3 love!!!~ xoxo

  2. I need to know more about lambs feet salad. Is it just a menu trick for lamb shanks? Thanks great photos makes me excited for France in March.

  3. Their macarons are lovely... I worked for Ladurée in Europe and we've got some real contenders in Sydney. I am always eating at Baroque, really lovely, wholesome food :)

  4. Barton: In regards to the lambs feet salad, inside the crumbed exterior layer is a combination of diced vegetables and small cubes of lamb meat- almost like a mini lamb salad! Thank you, and I am sure you will enjoy plenty of delicious food when you travel to France!

    foodieandthechef: i love their macarons and sometimes drive there just to eat one!