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Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Good Company*

"Apologies for my absence of late, 
So many unfortunate events are happening around the world...
Whether it is because of coincidence or merely fate.
I sincerely pray for those who are affected, please take care and keep safe!"

This does not mean that I have stopped eating by all means. I felt that it was a good time to simply take a break, and retreat back to the necessities. To enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. So here is a snapshot- capturing some of the culinary highlights I have enjoyed of late. 

Campos Coffee, Newtown
Skim Latte
(My favourite place for coffee in Sydney! Baristas heat the milk to an ideal temperature, the froth has smooth creamy consistency and refined coffee art techniques leave the mark of Campos' signature leaf. Although many Cafes around Sydney CBD stock their coffee beans, the coffee is simply not the same. Armed with a Lindt Dark Chocolate Ball and some light reading material, it sets the scene for a nice relaxing afternoon.)

Le Pain Quotidien, Sydney Westfield
Bread Basket containing Rye, Spelt, Walnut, Multigrain and White Baguette.
Condiments include Organic Jams, 'Brunette' Belgian Praline Spread, Acacia Honey Bear and Vegemite- a token to Australia
(Alain Coumont remarked that the idea behind "Le Pain Quotidien" is simply to make a good daily bread, a handmade bread with a good crust and a firm slice, the kind of bread that makes great tartines. Bread not only to nourish the body, but the spirit as well. A bread best shared around the table, to be savoured amongst friends.)

Messina, Darlinghurst
Peanut Butter and Gingerbread Flavoured Ice cream
(Authentic Italian gelato and ice cream freshly made in-house. What's more, during interludes of conversation with your friends you can observe the staff making the ice cream through a viewing window at the back of the store. Offering a wide variety of quirky flavours, Messina is now one of my favourite dessert places!)


Atlantic Smoked Salmon Platters
My staple food- accompanied with cheese and a glass of wine. These platters were served at our recent luncheon with the extended family. As you can see, mom was really enthusiastic with the lemons and lime!

Mixed Fruit Salad
Embracing Summer's large variety of seasonal foods, the options for making a fruit salad are endless. We opted for a selection of strawberries, green kiwi fruits, rockmelon, watermelon, apple and red seedless grapes. 

Lemon Cheese Cake
Aunty Bonnie's cheesecake is always a crowd-pleaser at parties. The bottom layer is a dense base made from crushed, buttered biscuits; a middle layer of cream cheese; and topped with a layer of lemon jelly.

Organic Produce, Surry Hills
Lunch with CC at this quaint cafe in the heart of Surry Hills was a treat as usual. And the highlight of the afternoon? As we were turning to leave we were given complementary bran muffins with a twist - literally!

My Sweet Memory Cafe, Strathfield
Dark Chocolate Truffles rolled in Crushed Macadamias
(I love the name of the chocolates, and it is very meaningful in light of the unfortunate events that have occurred. Hope everyone will continue to enjoy delicious food everyday, may it be fine dining or even simple things such as coffee and chocolate. Remember, the most important thing is that it is to be shared in Good Company!)

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