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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tara Tea Room*

"In the rear courtyard of the Irish Design Shop lies The Rocks' best kept secret... 
a traditional tea house serving home made scones and imported Irish teas.
Being situated in a 130 year old heritage listed building,
it is exactly like what Grandma used to make, I say!"

All their scones are baked fresh on premises throughout the day, and the blackboard outside will helpfully indicate when the latest batch is out of the oven. When we arrived at 11:15am, we were just in time for a new batch of scones being escorted out of the oven, to be served onto our plates, and straight into our rumbling tummies!

Rewind - now let us turn back time. Imagine this my friends. On a picturesque cold Winter's day, you were fortunate to escape the chilly breeze into a small cosy cottage. Inside you will find the walls are adorned with random trinkets, a warm fireplace, random portraits of scenes from the countryside, and a friendly lady peering from the counter in the corner ready to take your order. 

Maybe some dreams are not that far from reality after all. That is, if you venture to The Rocks on the weekend and enjoy high tea at Tara Tea Room. As you enter, the fantasy comes alive once more as a staircase leading to the unknown is littered with colourful teapots sitting contently on each step. Let us now re-enter our childhood once more, and relive the happy memories of eating. 

Tasting Basket for Two
Sampler for the Sconnoisseur! 
(An assortment of five plain and specialty scones, three gourmet jams, two serves of double-thick cream plus imported clotted cream.)

Choosing from the large range of gourmet Australian made Jams and Imported Clotted Cream was not an easy task. Today, we opted for the three most unusual choices: (1) Triple Berry; (2) Fig, Almond and Ginger; and (3) Paw Paw, Lime and Passionfruit.

Luckily we do not have to make anymore hard decisions since we were served a tasting of each flavour in the Gourmet Scones that included Cheese, Maple Syrup, and Raisin. But be warned, even the plain scones are not to be reckoned with. Their simplicity places focus on the warm fluffiness which makes you craving for more- so we are given not one, but TWO plain scones!

Even the Teapots are well dressed in their knitted warmers ready to combat the winter cold. Several different outfits are available, which means a few extra occasions are needed to try more flavours from the gourmet tea selection! We played it safe today and settled with the classic English Breakfast. Although I must confess that I have already started compiling a list of teas to try on my next visit, because they honestly sound too good!*
Black Teas: Creme Brulee Black Tea and Madagascan Vanilla.
Herbal Teas: Gunpowder Green, Turkish Apple and Red Fancy Fruit.

~ ~ ~
Tara Tea Room
33 George Street, The Rocks
(02) 9247 3233
~ ~ ~

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