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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jean Georges *

"Explore JG Vongerichten's signature vibrant cuisine
and develop a love for aromatic flavours of the East.
With an impressive three-star Michelin training, 
the food is guaranteed to impress."

As the elevator doors slide open, a sign is illuminated before us. 
Reminiscent of a painting from Picasso's cubism era
- JG's distinct trademark. 

Already impressed, yet I have not even entered the dining area!
Walk through the small archway into a grand auditorium.
Trendy decor 
with high ceilings; 
big round tables enough to seat for twelve, but only set for two; 
encompassed by circular lounges; 
and peer through the window panes to see all the commotion along The Bund.

Abandoning the traditional use of meat stocks, and instead, features intense flavours and satisfying textures from the use of vegetable juices and fruit essences, light broths and herbal vinaigrettes. Innovative ideas that have adapted to and impacted on the global culinary landscape.


crispy crab cake
celeriac remoulade, pink grapefruit and ginger

sea scallops
with caramelized cauliflower, caper- raisin emulsion
grilled pork chop
glazed bok choy with chilies and mint

grilled chicken paillard
frisee, argula and cheese


almond financier
ginger ice cream, baked apple

chocolate soufflé tart
mint ice cream
petite fours

~ ~ ~
4F, No.3 The Bund
3 Zhong San Dong Yi Road
+86 21 6321 7733
~ ~ ~

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