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Thursday, December 15, 2011

M on the Bund *

"Located at the pinnacle of the historic Nissin Shipping Building c.1921,
M overlooks Shanghai's most famous site:
The Bund."

References to Shanghai's glamourous past are updated and given a contemporary spin. Flavours range from the comforting to the novel, from Europe to the Middle East, but remain grounded in classical European techniques.

How fitting that I dined at M on the Bund with M. 
We laughed at the concept that all the cutlery and china bears her initial!

bread & butter

some beverages
tea & coffee
(highlight was not the drink, but rather the beautiful cups!)

An autumn soup
with pumpkin, chickpeas flavoured with star anise

A salad
of pickled ox tongue and shredded beef brisket
with dill cucumbers, peppery cress, radishes
and a mustard seed dressing

homemade pappardelle pasta
tossed with braised lamb, spinach leaves and green peas

coq au vin
chicken cooked in a good red wine
served with creamy mashed potatoes

petite fours
Turkish Delight & Lemon Marshmellow

~ ~ ~
7F, No.5 The Bund
+86 21 6350 9988
~ ~ ~

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