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Friday, November 2, 2012

Crystal Seafood Restaurant *

Time for Yum Cha!

Casual family lunch where everyone can be seated around small round tables for boisterous conversation. Be prepared to be pushed and shoved during the weekends as many line up (in no particular order) with kids in tow. Trolleys are stacked high with bamboo steamers and demanding Asian ladies will be yelling at you from all directions in Chinese, even if you are obviously not Asian! Whenever a trolley approaches the table, it will surely grab your attention due to the myriad of choices on show. Amongst the steamed healthy options are deep fried snacks, roast meats and asian desserts.

steamed meatballs
(finely ground beef & coriander served on top of bean-curd skin. 
soft & chewy with a slight 'bounce' in each bite. 
drenched in worcestershire sauce)

phoenix claws
(chicken feet that is deep fried, boiled, marinated 
then steamed in a chilli & black bean sauce. 
Fluffy texture while also moist & tender.)

steamed chive & shrimp dumplings
(wrapped in thin translucent rice-flour skin)

pork & peanut dumplings
(minced pork, mushrooms, water chestnut, celery, chopped parsley & peanuts. 
skin is usually a bit thicker than other steamed dumplings.)

deep fried taro dumplings
(mashed taro stuffed with diced shiitake mushrooms, pork mince 
and deep-fried in crispy batter)

egg tarts + taro & turnip cakes
(turnip cake is made from mashed daikon radish, dried shrimp & pork sausage, 
which can be substituted for taro as desired.
And to finish off, flaky puff pastries with egg custard filling)

Crystal Seafood Restaurant
14 Churchill Avenue
Strathfield NSW 2135
+61 2 9763 7738

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