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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grandfather 81*

"I am very thankful to have a grandfather like you,
always thinking of others and always willing to give.
Grandfather you are the one person I know,
with silver in your hair and gold in your heart."

Wishing a BIG Happy 81st Birthday to my beloved Grandfather! I purchased a Taro cake from an Asian bakery to surprise him, but little did I know that my brother would come home with the exact same cake in a few hours! I guess siblings really do share the same sentiments after all. 

Taro Cake
Layers of taro flavoured sponge cake, filled with cream and fresh taro pieces. Fresh fruits and heart shaped jellies adorn the top layer. NB: Tastes a lot better than it looks!

After singing Happy Birthday, it was time to cut the cake. The knife touched the bottom, so as tradition dictates Grandfather had to kiss the nearest girl... being Grandmother of course! It is really sweet to know my grandparents are still very much in love, even after many decades together.*

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