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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day *

"A man loves his Sweetheart the most,
his Wife the best, 
but his Mother the longest."
                                  - An Irish Proverb                                         

Scrambling to purchase a last minute Mother's Day present was not such a great idea, in retrospect. When panic sets in at 5pm it was time to make a decision. Sydney stores would cease trading in an hour (if only I was shopping in Hong Kong I would have all night!), so I settled for the medium black Epi Alma. Arriving home feeling victorious that I have fulfilled my shopping mission for today, I find ten bouquets of flowers arranged around the house. 

Of course, dad has outdone me again. He happily showed me a beautiful white vase containing twenty three long stem red roses- mom's favourite number since her chinese name has a similar pronunciation to the number "23". Then he proceeds to give me a guided tour around the house to see the remaining nine flower arrangements. When I asked where he had found the time to purchase flowers, as he had been at work all day, he smiled and replied "I woke up at 7am to buy them from the markets for the freshest selection!". It made me realise that even after thirty one years of marriage, my parents are still so in love. 

I recall being glued to the television the other night for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It is comforting to know that fairytales do come true. I hope that one day we will each find our soulmate and live happily ever after. In the meantime, I shall return to matters at hand and wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!*

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