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Monday, July 11, 2011

Christian Dior Haute Couture FW11/12*

"Dior cultivated structure, surface and a feminine silhouette,
to capture the spirit of la Rose Moderne.
Architectural exactitude inspires new cuts and construction to bloom,
as new fabric techniques are developed by the studio to create
an elegant new Haute Couture."

Loved the collection as a whole (how could one not love Couture?!), yet slightly disappointed. Some of the looks were borderline clown costumes and would arguably be considered tacky if they were not from Dior! Seven key pieces captured the story of the show: first face, a pick from each of the five inspirations and the finale outfit. 

Ettore Sottsass
Bold pastel palette combined with graphic black and white. Dior roses mix delicate petals in pleats, prints and folds of taffeta with light gazar waves and triple-layer organzas with leather applique. Crisp, clean lines contrast with a raw, hand-cut finish while tutti-frutti embroideries pollinate color. Leather and plastic embroideries give high glass to new draping techniques.

Frank Gehry
Shimmering soft metallics with glass sequins, neutrals and a new Dior rose. Modern waves are constructed in light mille feuille forms of natural beauty, frayed iridescent lame and muted taffetas. Metallic embroidery, circular layering and light deconstruction shape a new Gehry-style Dior rose of pure elegance.

Jean-Michel Frank and Jean Dunand
Wood and malachite sequined prints. Soft cylindrical columns in the Deco spirit capture the skill and glamour of creation as luxury, cut and movement showcase this contemporary new-wave couture.

Marc Bohan
Multicolored rose petals on hand-painted chiffons, while intricate hand-pleated pieces feature a modern-day homage to Murano glass in a rich bouquet of artistry and beauty defines the skill of Dior.

Jean-Paul Goude
A night at 'Le Palace', as Dior roses dance in a wild celebration of metallic streamers, color and embroidery strewn over innovatively pleated gowns. Refined craftsmanship ensures that Dior tradition fuses with the future as raw cut, bold technique and Dior Haute Couture make a glamorous statement for Fall-Winter roses.

As night dawns, the moon takes it place in the night sky. 
Another fantastic Couture show has ended, 
while another chapter in the House of Dior has begun.*


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  3. All of these are adorable and I love your summaries to go along with them - a "new chapter for the house of Dior" how lovely! I always kind of feel that couture can be quite - don't kill me! - clownish, so nothing could really surprise me! But I do love the second and third look! Pretty!

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