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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Campos Coffee*

Confessions of a Caffeine Addict.
"As coffee falls into the stomach...
ideas begin to move, things remembered arrive at full gallop...
the shafts of wit start up like sharp-shooters,
similes arise, the paper is covered with ink..."
- Honore de Balzac

Ian Keldoulis
, a journalist for the New York Times, claimed "A visit to Campos, a coffee bar in Sydney... was worth the 22 hour flight from New York. Not to mention a great way to kick the jet lag!" It is no wonder that I was more than willing to pay $30 for a cup of Campos coffee when I was in Tokyo last year (although evidently an impossible feat, I made this suggestion to K in desperation and she merely laughed at my absurdity!) Fortunately, when I am in Sydney I receive my daily dose of Campos coffee because it is only a twenty minute drive from home or a mere five minute walk from university.

Coffee and study are mutually inclusive terms in my world, as one cannot exist without the other. Behind every law student, or successful person for that matter, is a substantial amount of coffee. Like my favourite poet T.S. Eliot would remark: I have measured out my life with coffee spoons! From a tiny coffee shop with meagre beginnings in 2002, Campos has become a household name and now supplies coffee beans to most cafes in Sydney's CBD. Since my accidental discovery five years earlier, I have enjoyed exemplary coffee each and every time. 

Vanilla Icecream with a shot of Campos Superior Blend Expresso
(My favourite beverage on the menu by far, but it is nicer if you order it to dine in. I was always curious as to why the icecream did not melt quickly when the espresso shot is poured on top, compared with an affogato ordered at another cafe. Over time, I noticed the glass is actually frozen beforehand with Serendipity belgian white chocolate ice cream inside! Ingenious.)

Espresso Macarons

Made by hand with Campos Espresso

Sweet things from the Campos Bakery. Aesthetically pleasing, but...

tasted below average. I was enticed by the fact that these macarons were made from Campos Espresso, but unfortunately, it was completely the wrong texture and consistency. The shell was relatively hard and a bit chewy, while the cream had minimal coffee aroma. Disappointing, yet I will still return everyday for their amazing coffee!*

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Campos Coffee
193 Missenden Road, Newtown
(02) 9516 3361
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