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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hermès Birkin*

"The Bag.
En route from Paris to London on an Air France flight,
she pulled her Hermès datebook out of her bag and papers scattered on the floor.
A complaint was made to the passenger sitting next to her that the book should have pockets,
As fate would have it, that passenger was Jean-Louis Dumas - the Chairman of Hermes"

Unlike most girls, I have never been a great fan of handbags. I would much rather invest my money in forex, purchase another piece of outerwear or enjoy degustation at a fine dining restaurant. However, with every general principle there is always an exception. For me, all I want is The Bag. Not just any luxury handbag you can walk into the store and purchase. 
Designed by Hermès- the Birkin.

Acknowledge should be made to Victoria Beckham, who owns an extravagant Birkin collection reportedly worth over £1.5 million. One could only wonder if another person could surpass her obsession, or have the financial capacity to satisfy it for that matter. Rumour has it she has over 100 Birkins in her collection, which would arguably account for every colour, size and fabrication! My favourite is the pink ostrich. It is loud enough to draw attention regardless of the outfit that even a multicolour Emilio Pucci dress cannot silence!)

Perhaps one of the most famous photographs captured 'On the Street... Olivia, London' by The Satorialist. During 14 October 2010, it appears to be just another day for the 40" Tan with GW, perched delicately on a bicycle beside Olivia Palermo. 

My personal preference is the Black 35" Togo with Palladium HW. A similar one toted by Megs Mahoney Dusil.

And the namesake
English-born actress and muse of Serge Gainsbourg: 
the beautiful Jane Birkin.*

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