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Monday, June 6, 2011


"Hikaru, the shining light hidden in an inconspicuous alleyway (literally).
After five years of studying at the University of Sydney,
and making the typical uni-student lunch journey to Newtown for cheap Thai,
I was oblivious to this little Japanese treasure."

What I also failed to recall was how full law library would be during final exams season! Every desk was occupied by a stressed, dishevelled looking student rapidly trying to cram the entire semester's worth of course content into their minds within two weeks. Boys would have neglected to shave for weeks, while most of the girls wore no makeup and sported a comfortable hoodie. Quite a sight to see indeed! 

During our study break, Q and I headed to Newtown for a quick lunch. She loves Hikaru, and I was eager to try this Japanese restaurant (though I was secretly thinking, isn't there only cheap Thai restaurants at Newtown?). Being seated in a casual open courtyard, I had no expectations for the food whatsoever. 

Now I understand what is meant by the phrase: 
'Don't expect and you will not be disappointed, but you will never be pleased!'

Spicy Sashimi Don
Sashimi and Salad with Homemade Spicy Sauce on a bed of Sushi Rice
(I was pleasantly surprised to be served an extremely generous dish with fresh sashimi and a mix of greens. The homemade spicy sauce was reminiscent of the korean hot sauce used in bibimbap. Sushi rice proved to be a nice substitute for plain white rice, which is usually served in Japanese 'don' dishes. And to top things off, a sprinkle of fish roe to complete the colourful culinary painting!)

As per usual, Q and I ended up ordering the same dish. We always seem to like the same things, and I guess food is no exception. Great minds think alike, or in this case, our taste-buds seems to enjoy similar things. You may also notice a little quirk of mine in the photograph below. I love to fold the chopsticks paper sleeve into a neat square rester to place the chopsticks during our meal! 

Walk too fast and you may not even notice Hikaru's subtle entrance into their open courtyard. Expect casual dining, a quite comfortable ambience with affordable food.

After eating to our heart's content, we headed back to the library for another day of intensive studying. Otherwise, it could be the perfect opportunity to take a stroll along King Street to work off lunch and explore all the interesting boutiques that Newtown has to offer!*

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134-140 King Street, Newtown
(02) 9516 5959
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