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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brisbane Farmers Market*

"It is a colorful bustling market selling fresh produce and food related objects.
It is a feel good grass roots experience with a social and community slant and a lot of fun.
It is a BIG, Bustling, Busy, open air food market 
that sells all the most interesting things under the sun."

To visit Q, my sister in another State, was merely a short flight away. A relaxing week where I escaped the busy streets of Sydney and enjoyed sunny winter days with a friendly, easier pace of life. Located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, a myriad of producers transformed Reddacliff Place into a vibrant farmer's market experience for locals and tourists- like myself!

Original German Bratwurst
(Chriberg Kransky. The unthinkable happened, indeed, every foodie's nightmare. I discovered a fly in my hot dog! After overcoming the initial shock, I eventually returned the following week for a Hot Hot Spitfire that thankfully did not have 'extra-unwanted-protein' hidden inside.)

Yummy Kettle Corn
(Extremely addictive popcorn combining the sweet and savoury. My first encounter with these bundles of joy was when Q brought some to Sydney for me to try a few months back. Since then my obsession has exponentially increased, and I shall continue the tradition by bringing some bags for my friends!)

Noosa Chocolate Factory
(Generous portions of fresh Rocky Road broken from a large palette of chocolate goodness that are individually packaged by hand. I never understood nor appreciated the magical combination of marshmellows, chocolate and turkish delight until I sampled this!)

~ ~ ~
Jan Powers Farmers Market
Queen Street Mall, Brisbane
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