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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dark Chocolate Lovers Heaven*

"In the beginning, the Lord created chocolate
and he saw that it was good.
Then he separated the light from the dark
and it was better!"

Studies have shown that dark chocolate may contribute to improved cardiovascular health. It embodies the highest percentage of cocoa solids and is packed with natural antioxidants. I have this theory that chocolate makes one happier by boosting the metabolism for weight loss and slows down the aging process. It may not be true, but I do I dare take the chance? Finally, I must admit that it has crossed my mind to give up on chocolate, but then again, I am no quitter!

Arriving home after a day of running last minute errands in preparation for SH, I discover a box on my bed from V (Thank you!!!). When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to find it filled with an assortment of my favourite dark chocolates!*

Dark Chocolate Heaven
Bon Bon Almonds Dark 60% Slow Roasted
Bon Bon Coffee Beans Dark Slow Roasted
Haigh's Dark Chocolate Rocky Road
Haigh's Dark Chocolate Speckles
Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Noir
Ferrero Rocher

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