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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Campos Cafe & Roastery*

"Maintaining integrity in the art of Coffee,
to produce the highest quality experience for caffeine addicts.
Now extends to the joys of food."

My favourite coffee shop in Sydney is undoubtedly Campos in Newtown, but unfortunately it does not have any food besides some patisseries. When Q suggested brunch at Campos Cafe in Brisbane, I immediately lept at the opportunity. Wonder if the food will be as good as their coffee?

Soy Latte
(The espresso was lighter and had a weaker aroma than the Campos coffee in Sydney.)

Eggs Benedict
Poached Eggs on Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Turkish Bread with Hollandaise
(Q's favourite brunch item, simply classic!)

Asian Omelette
Soy Chicken Strips, Capsicum, BBQ Pork, Peas and Mushroom
(Loved this dish! An unique interpretation of the omelette with Asian influences.)

~ ~ ~
Campos Coffee
11 Wandoo Street
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD
(07) 3252 3612
~ ~ ~

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