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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gastro Park II- Gold Bar *

After returning from the impressive NYC dining scene, I thought it would difficult to be moved by food in Sydney for a while. Oh, how wrong I was! After many intriguing dishes set before me through the night, it was time for dessert. From a dim corner, I spotted a few wait staff heading towards our table with a tray. Upon closer inspection I saw a block that looked quite average- a sponge cake perhaps?

To my surprise, it turned out to be Gastro Park's signature dish:
"The Gold Bar".
Essentially a passionfruit sorbet... 
(amongst other unidentifiable ingredients) 
dipped in liquid nitrogen!

I was given a hammer to break the dessert which shattered into pieces before our eyes. We were instructed to wait two minutes before we could eat it, so we looked in awe for a while with no idea what to expect.

As usual, special thanks to Q for organising this amazing birthday "cake"! 

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