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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ampersand Cafe Bookstore*

"Supporting the Community times thrice
First, discounts to local retailers to ensure affordable lunches.
Twice, donating proceeds from $1 book bin to local charities.
And thrice, buying pre-loved books regularly from locals."

Combining the relaxing ambience of a cafe and bookstore becomes a haven of tranquility at Ampersand. Browse for a book, take it to the table, then enjoy a good read while waiting for your meal. Outdoor dining also provides a buzzing of sounds of laughter and good cheer. Whether it be perusing the ever-changing Breakfast Blackboard or the choosing from the simple menu options on offer, the selection of pasta, salads and bakes seem enticing. 

Mediterranean Breakfast
grilled portobello mushrooms, potato rosti, spinach, poached egg & grated parmesan
(Unfortunately, salad was too salty and olive oil drenched the spinach.)

The Ampersandian
Crispy potato hash brown with thyme roasted field mushroom, semi dried tomato, poached eggs and asparagus. 
Served with bearnaise sauce. Gluten Free.
Add: smoked salmon, bacon & pork sausage
(Eggs poached to perfection & sprouts were a nice addition. However, hash brown lacked the external crispiness we were after.)

Fruit Smoothie
Mixed berries with dessert yoghurt
(Refreshing, sweet with a sharp punch of berry flavours! 
Though the yoghurt made the beverage a bit thick.)

Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore
413 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9318 1116

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