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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mario Tokyo*

"Mario met Tokyo on his first trip to Japan. 
Her father Godzilla was taken by special services 
after he decimated the city with his stomping. 
Tokyo and Mario have been together ever since."

In a world where Italians who reside in Japan crave for comfort food... 
they can always rely on the Koreans to whip up a deliciously interesting meal. 
Somewhat of a nationality crisis? 
Let's call it a redefinition of culinary cuisine.

Hats off to the friendly little boy in the wall who prepared our meal!

cajun chicken salad
(cajun chicken, mix salad, mustard dressing)

bulgogi pizza
(korean marinated beef, broccoli, capsicum, black olive, garlic, mozzarella cheese on a tomato base)

arrabiatta risotto
(onion, mushroom, bacon, chilli, garlic, grana padano cheese)

Loved the vibrant colours emanating from the dishes. 
Flavours quite on par, providing lighter options to the traditional italian mix. 
As a fond reminder of the experience, we can take away the story of how Mario and Tokyo were first acquainted and have been inseparable ever since!

Mario Tokyo
Shop 2/23, The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135
(02) 9579 1688

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