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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Affogato Aficionado *

I am a firm believer in giving food a second chance, or three shots as the case may be. Some places will make you come back again and again, whether it be for the food, ambience, service, price or simply the memories of delightful dining experiences in the past. Other places will just be the same story over, and over again. Oliveto is our local Italian, albeit quasi-fine dining with an arguably unjustified price tag for what is on offer. Nevertheless, we were pleasantly surprised to find they have revamped some elements of their menu. So I present to you, the new and improved Affogato. May I add, I would come back again just to enjoy this dolci, perfect on a Winter's night!

Three shots: Vanilla bean gelato, espresso and nutty amaretto.
plus paper-thin crisp almond biscotti

Oliveto Ristorante & Bar
Brays Bay Park Reserve
443 Concord Road
Rhodes NSW 2138
+61 2 8765 0006

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