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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of mind, logic and tradition *

From the archives, a random note I had written four years ago. Apart from realising how old I am (it has finally dawned on me- I am in my "mid-twenties"), it was fascinating to see my perspective of life at the age of 21.


"Theoretical underpinnings of great minds.
Irrespective of age, intelligence, race or gender
Everyone has something to offer...

A collaboration of writings
by great minds
is the starting point.
To search for knowledge and eventually you shall find

one’s strengths (and weaknesses) can be dictated by standards
a product of social norms,
or in the alternative,
created by the wisdom of past experiences.

Whether it be by
the logic of reasoning,
the fuel of motivation,
or the innocence of tradition."

- 5 August 2009

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