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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas ~ A Family Affair*

"Family are those who will always be there and love unconditionally.
Like diamonds, they are treasures for eternity."

Coming from a family of chefs, the main celebration for any special occasion centres on the meal. The traditional repertoire of Chinese dishes as well as platters of grilled meats, salads and desserts were served. As usual, I attempt to try a small portion of each dish but would later realise that this still adds up to be quite a lot of food!

Amongst the clutter of dishes on our kitchen table, there was a sushi platter, chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, smoked turkey, braised duck, roast duck with orange pineapple molasses sauce, chinese vegetables with seafood balls, lamb chops and fresh Tasmanian cherries.

Of course, despite the excessive amount of food available, elegant plate presentation is a must because it is just as important as flavour! 

After a few hours of continuous eating (equivalent to my week's worth of food intake), the gastrolatrie marathon appeared to be over. Then I was offered something that I cannot refuse, even when my stomach is ridiculously full to the brim. My second stomach will always have room for... Dessert! This consisted of Krispy Kremes, fruit mince tarts and christmas pudding, a french coffee biscuit cake covered with thinly sliced almonds, asian fruit cake filled with taro cream, an assortment of chocolates, and Ben & Jerry's amazing ice-cream flavours (love the Chocolate fudge brownie!).


This was by far the best Christmas I have had, and I definitely ate more than my heart's content!*

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