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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back from Berlin *

When my brother returned from his exchange to Berlin,
he brought home an unique array of souvenirs...
Most were chocolates he had collected during his travels around Europe, 
yet each had an unexpected twist.

white tiramisu almonds from Belgian; earl-grey tee from Germany; 
LadurĂ©e milk almonds from Paris; Sprungli grand cru milk block

dark truffles & rose-essence bar from Germany
(strong cocoa aromas gave an extra dark accent on the palette.
rose bar was reminiscent of an unsweetened turkish delight,
though not too keen on alcoholic centres in the truffles.)

Sprungli pralines handmade from pure Swiss chocolate
(Usually I'm not a fan of milk chocolate, but these tasted superb. 
Silky smooth texture were the defining feature for these bite-sized treasures.
Now I understand why Swiss chocolate is honestly the Best!)

Plus some new additions to my postcard & coin collection!

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