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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Distractions *

"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, 
one may unfailingly arrive at 
his chosen goal or destination."
                              - Christopher Columbus 

In an ideal world, one read all day and all night to consume all knowledge bound in the innumerable books before all time. Realisation suddenly dawned on me that this is not only impossible, but unfeasible, in light of other priorities in life. Study smart, not study hard. And applying the same principle: one should work smart, not work hard. For instance, my sleeping hours last week were borderline ridiculous: 2 hours Monday; 1 hour Tuesday; 3 hours Wednesday; 5 hours Thursday. *Note to self, remove distractions and prepare in advance rather than work/study 20 hours a day.

Of course, to succeed the necessary sacrifices in life must be made. Yet it should not come at the expense of working away the better part of youth and life to arrive at the chosen goal. Indeed the goal is reached but at what cost? A decade or more of life? An illuminatingly interesting prospect if I continue doing what I'm doing, then I will keep getting what I'm getting. Life: progress in the professional realm is evident (direction, goal, change) and now some attention to the personal dimension. 

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