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Monday, January 10, 2011

"The First Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors" and Eurobay*

"The underground army of China's First Emperor 
is one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of modern times. 
A story of Qin Shihuang's quest for immortality continues to unfold 
through the ongoing excavation of his entombed army..."

When the weather forecast predicted a humid and windy day with isolated showers, the last thing on my mind was to be outdoors. The perfect escape? Touring the Art Gallery of NSW's latest exhibition on China's Entombed Warriors! I was transported back into the past to discover the story of the First Emperor's brief but revolutionary rule, which was as compelling as any in history or in fiction.

Bronze Chariot drawn by Four Horses
Qin Dynasty in 221-206BCE, Qin Shihuang Tomb

Yongzhong Bell & Bo Bell
Spring and Autumn Period: Duke Wu's Reign in 697-678BCE

Representations of Charioteer and War Chariot drawn by four horses

Thank you to the Art Gallery of NSW for presenting such a wonderful exhibition that showcased a significant part of Chinese cultural history!

Some unique souvenirs to remember the occasion:
(Exhibition pamphlets; paper fold-outs of a general's breastplate, cavalry horse and warrior)

Now that was a very interesting and culturally enriching experience, 
but I hear you ask "where is the food?!"

~ ~ ~ 
Art Gallery NSW
Art Gallery Road
The Domain, Sydney
(02) 9225 1700
~ ~ ~


After leaving the gallery, we headed to Eurobay for a late afternoon snack. Situated along the beachside strip of The Grand Parade in Brighton-Le-Sands, the panoramic water views was a nice conclusion to a relaxing day.


Euro Chips
Thick cut potato chips in a Mediterranean blend of herbs, spices & tangy Euro sauce

Chicken Skewers
Paprika rubbed with Romesco sauce

As daylight waned, and night concealed the water views... I decided to have a closer inspection of the quirky interior decor. Hanging on the walls was a collage of photoframes displaying some very random items; old magazine clippings, coinage from foreign currencies, cartoon strips, and even a Prada authenticity card!* 

~ ~ ~
Eurobay Cafe Bar
86 The Grand Parade
(02) 9597 3300
~ ~ ~

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