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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two sides*

"Every story will have two sides.
Looking at both will convince you,
that there is more to the story than both sides."

I had the pleasure of dining at C's place again with a few friends. Afterwards I was surprised to see food photographs of the dinner posted on facebook, which did not resemble what I remembered of the food at all! It made me realise...

Our perceptions of the world will become our reality, but this does not mean it was the reality. Take for example, food photography. An image of food may be photoshopped, air brushed, cropped or simply taken from a particular angle to achieve a certain effect. Another side of the story would then be created. However, the mechanical eye of a camera cannot be a substitute for the reality captured by our own eyes.


Amuse Bouche
Carrot Gazpacho

Salted Calamari, Pan Seared Bream & Chickpea Medley

Cooked Twice Duck Breast with Three Meats Pearl

Main Course
Rare Spiced Beef with Feu Vert Puree & Caramelised Beets

Almond Slithers tossed in Buttered Broccoli


Fruit Parfait with Strawberry glaze, Mangoes & fresh Meringue

Mango quasi-Fondant with icing sugar

Moral of this story? There are so many different types of food to try in life. You may be surprised to discover that what tasted terrible to one person could be delicious for you. Even photographs cannot accurately capture the reality of the taste, scent, appearance and textures of the food in question.
Be adventurous and taste the difference for yourself!*

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