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Saturday, January 1, 2011


"As we go on, we remember all the times we have shared together. 
As our lives change, we will remember the memorable times of 2010."

Farewell to another fabulous year that was 2010. 
It might seem a bit cliché to reflect on the myriad of food adventures, fashion faux pas disasters (hopefully outweighed by the glamourous fashion runway outfit days), gossip at family gatherings, and hilarious kodak moments shared with friends. An impossible feat- one which I am too lazy to tackle in prose but will attempt to capture some of the culinary highlights through photographs (since they are each worth a thousand words right?!). 

(Presentation of the sashimi platter was impressive. In particular, the salmon and scallop sashimi which were inspired by floral icons.)

(I have always loved the quirky presentation of Adriano Zumbo's desserts and patisseries. Little did I know that in a few months time, Zumbo's famous macarons would feature in Masterchef and become a household name!)

(Churrasco was a fun dining experience: selection of tapas, salads, meats and cinnamon glazed pineapple to finish. The dessert platter combined several creative elements, including a take out box filled with mini donuts. Indeed, Baz Luhrman rightly noted it is a "wild and enchanting place"!)

(Wattle Maccacino is a unique signature coffee blending the roasty flavours of wattleseed with the sweet mellowness of macadamias. Their soft shell crab omelette is the best in Sydney and what's more... it is freshly made to order.)

Bachelor of Commerce Graduation
(After three years, I have finally completed my Commerce degree at the University of Sydney with a major in Finance. To celebrate, brunch with my family at Bills and afterwards a family feast- dad made lobster sashimi to celebrate the occasion!)

(Service, ambience and the food was impeccable!!! A french journey which in layman's terms could only be described as peas; apples; and chocolate.)

(A visually appetising experience: sharing plate of seared salmon fillet. Vintage artworks hanging on the walls was just a bonus)

(Chicken caesar salad and full rack of port ribs. Basted in a special sauce and infused with the classic barbeque aroma that is straight from the grill)

(Heavenly High Tea with the girls on a blissful afternoon. French champagne to accompany savouries and traditional tea is served with the sweets.)

(Kingfish ceviche; Parmesan custard with truffled asparagus; Black sausage with prawn and mandarin. An innovative new addition to Sydney's dining scene that has already made its mark with two hats.)

(My claim to fame- Justin North cooked for me before Oprah Windfrey! Ok that was a slight exaggeration, I merely dined at Becasse prior to Oprah... but still.)

(There was a lot of hype about this place, and since I am accustomed to the dishes served at my family's chinese restaurants... it was not ranked highly on on my eating priority list. However, I have finally managed to take a photograph of those black sesame pig buns! The chinese food was average, quite authentic, but the highlight was definitely the cleanliness in presentation.)

And now, we return back to the present. 
Welcome to the First day of the First month of 2011! 
New resolutions are made, while old ones are achieved... or long forgotton. Sometimes by trying to be different, we are all the same. So maybe it is time we stay true to ourselves, with no boundaries or limitations being subconsciously imposed on our every day actions. 
Simply express who we are through our sense of style, enjoy delicious food with loved ones and let everything else take care of itself. 
Maybe... that is what life is truly about*

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