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Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Shiki in Japanese refers to the Four Seasons.
In Spring: cherry blossoms bloom in a wave towards the northeast.
As temperatures rise in Summer, the heat becomes almost unbearable, but festivals and fireworks make it all seem worth it.
Autumn sees the arrival of strong winds and an ideal time for moon viewing.
While in Winter, the snow falls like a blanket over Japan."

Being the longest established restaurant in Sydney is not an easy task, but Shiki may claim this reputable title. Settling into the traditional Japanese style Tatami private room created the perfect ambience for a night of celebrations.

"Mutsuki" degustation menu

Japanese Egg Omelets with Minced Prawn: New Year Style
(What deceptively appears to be a piece of asian sponge cake turned out to be an omelette!) 

Assorted Sashimi
Salmon and Kingfish

Savory steamed egg custard
with Mixed Seafood, chilled to serve
(Take the plunge into the sea and you will discover scallop neatly lining the base of the glass. Their firm texture was a nice contrast to the velvety egg custard.)

Marinated in Sweet Miso

Grilled Jewfish
with Tomato Miso sauce

Softshell Crab
with Fresh Summer Salad in Citrus Dressing
(Love the shape of the plate so I couldn't resist and included a photograph of it too. C informed me that years ago Shiki was famous for a Tasmanian white softshell crab dish, but unfortunately I missed the opportunity to try it. Time for a revival of this old classic I say!)

Beef Tenderloin Steak
with Mushroom Butter sauce

Nigiri Sushi

Dessert of the day
Mango Sorbet, Fresh Cream & Strawberry Slice
(Looks average. Tastes average. But presentation on a curved plate was cute.)

Black Forest cake
And the evening sparkles away with a sweet ending...*

~ ~ ~
Corner of Argyle and Harrington Street
Clocktower Square, The Rocks
(02) 9252 2431
~ ~ ~

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  1. wow! Looks so nice ^^
    + luv ur intro~ finally understand y there r so many festivals in Japan during Summer =D