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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lumière Cafe and Patisserie*

"When the Food Gods created the world they were generous to mankind.
During the first six days they created international cuisines beyond one's imagination.
Then, on the 7th day, they said: Let there be light!"

As the French would know, the English translation for Lumière is light. Indeed, this contemporary cafe allowed plenty of warm light to filter through its open glass doors- enough for diners to enjoy the sunshine, and simultaneously, escape the scorching heat. Wait staff wore baby pink t-shirts, which was an interesting twist to the mundane black dress code. Service was pleasant and quite fast considering how busy the cafe was at the time.

I decided to be stray from my usual skim latte by ordering "Le bol coffee". Little did I know that it would dwarf mom's regular sized flat white and make it seem like a piccolo coffee in comparison. Note to self: when the menu describes a beverage as 'le bol'... it literally means a bowl!

Lumière Breakfast
Fried free range eggs with tomato, mushroom, crispy bacon, beans and spinach

Corn cakes with poached eggs, crispy bacon, avocado and relish
(These corn cakes have a firmer texture than the corn frittatas served at Bill's, but taste just as good. Poached eggs had the ooze and there was generous amounts of crispy bacon. The relish resembled a mexican roma tomato salsa, extremely flavoursome but not too overbearing- a nice complement to other plainer elements of the dish.  And the avocado, tasted like any other ordinary avocado haha)

And here I am, contemplating how I will consume that entire bowl of coffee (as you can see, it was almost the size of my head!) as well as my large plate of food.

Left: A mouthful of goodness with a taste of all the elements incorporated in my dish
Right: Mom's creation of sliced poached eggs on lightly toasted sourdough

Wandering to the back of the cafe for a business card (that I can add to my collection), I unwittingly stumble upon the Lumière patisserie. Unfortunately, I was too full to eat anymore... but I can sense that my cravings for french patisseries have already begun ~

Now, a brisk walk to the car to work off some of the food I ate. Although it was only five metres, I made a poor attempt to console myself that any exercise is better than no exercise. Or maybe eating should just be a form of exercise, then our lives would be a lot easier!*

~ ~ ~
Lumière Cafe and Patisserie
3/417 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
(02) 9331 6184
~ ~ ~

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  1. That big breakfast looks so good~ maybe I can taste it through the screen!
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