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Thursday, October 11, 2012

French cookies *

Brings back childhood memories of years ago,
at one of many sleepovers at Grandparent's apartment
when I would cheekily rummage through their glass cabinet in search for snacks.
These were amongst the treasures that I had once found.

Years later, I realise that these are
a) not French;
b) technically not cookies;
c) probably Chinese adaptations of macaroons?!;
d) but I love them anyways!

trying to work out the flavours of each package
took a minute longer than expected.
although my Chinese reading skills are questionable,
the pink & orange colours were a giveaway!

paper-thin wafers with light strawberry/orange cream

shall eat this the French way-
being dainty is key or the cream may come out from the sides!

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