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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bangbang II Fabulous *

Following on from my previous post, the food paparazzi strikes again. While we were waiting for our meals to be served it was time to put ourselves in the spotlight. Onlookers were probably amused as they watched us scramble for props in our photoshoot.

Part I captures the moments when the world of fashion & law collide. Turning the focus to those behind the camera, rather than on the food. Part II is R's perspective of food, up close and personal. I hope he starts a blog soon because his food photography on facebook makes me hungry. In the meantime, I shall post these photos on his behalf. Interesting to observe that a different angle evokes a different view of the same food!


B* + CJ = 'fashionistas'
(let us present to you: The Tomato of knowledge)

Tomato tempts CJ to take a bite, red & "delicious!"

R + B* = the 'law' of food

white Tea set matches finely with R's white Tee

- photography by R -

hand-painted headphones were hugely impressive

reading tea leaves reveals...
that a strainer can indeed catch tea leaves!

whipped cream peaks with dusted cocoa

wagyu burger opens up

vegetables galore- 'beans' there done that!

We love our bread, we love our butter,
but most of all, we love a perfectly poached egg!

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