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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween 2012 *

There is no rest for the wicked

especially when darkness is upon us. 

Thank you Kev for being a crazy host 

and organising a haunted gathering at his residence.

An eventful night of weird & wacky happenings indeed...

murdered victim, nurse, school girl
preparing for the worst, hoping for the best

maid, maverick (top gun), nurse, ryan gosling (drive)
team up to ward away evil

female victims
panda vanishes while a psycho watches them from behind

bearing pizza rather than eating bamboo. now that is weird!

murdered victim, nurse
sad to choose between 'trick or treat'

murdered victim, panda & death uncovered

school girl, maid

school girl, nurse
shot with espresso Patr√≥n

painting out to be a strangely colourful night thusfar

murdered victim meats Death

we salute you good bye for now, to be continued...

when I arrived home, I discovered a butcher knife in my car.
how freaky!

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