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Friday, October 26, 2012

Navigator Brasserie *

"Sail into the Navigator and try an innovative modern Australia menu.
Experience an authentic woodfire pizza
whilst enjoying a 180 degree water view overlooking Canada Bay."

Being seated in the balcony area exposes patrons to open air dining with a fantastic view of the bay. Inside we find an out-of-kilter wall display, where wines are suspended in a timber cabinet by their necks (actually a bit concerned how secure this is!) Even the cutlery are poised in streamline to the oceanic direction of this premises.

Bowl of Wedges

A Few More
Chicken schnitzel
home made chicken schnitzel with a flavour of parmesan and herbs served with chips
+ side salad and mushroom sauce

Woodfire Pizza

some for now...

roma tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, shaved parmesan + basil infused tomato sauce
leg ham, pepperoni, capsicum, bbq onion, kalamata olives, pineapple, mozzerella + fresh oregano
(sufficient amount of toppings on a thin smokey pan crust, yum!)

and some for later...

Navigator Brasserie
Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre
Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138
+61 2 9736 2865

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