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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three Blue Ducks *

"Coffee of the highest standard to complement the menu,
while the friendly & lighthearted atmosphere shows
they don't take themselves too seriously
so neither should you."

Take a short stroll up the hill from Bronte beach and any thoughts of ducking down to the beach for a quick mid morning swim are long forgotten. Expect fine dining food served in a casual cafe setting. Chef hat on for black sausage, Iggy's bread, organic eggs and fair trade coffee from Single Origin Roasters.

everything blue including the water bottle

poached eggs, spinach, sauce hollandaise and ocean trout
(pesto & olive oil drizzled on Iggy's bread was a nice addition)

scrambled eggs with black sausage, dill cucumber yoghurt salad and red currant jam
(every element was perfectly executed. fell in love with the black sausage & red currant combo. dill cucumber yoghurt had a refreshing tang)

J all smiles when our food was served

J snaps me when I was too immersed in taking food photos to notice

J's Miss Piggy Key
the ugliest "cute but interesting" girl around!

when we got back to J's car we spotted a parking ranger across the road. 
later we discover he got a ticket, oh no disaster! 
an expensive brunch indeed

Three Blue Ducks
141-143 Macpherson Street
Bronte NSW 2024
+61 2 9389 0010

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