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Saturday, October 6, 2012

B smashed Eggs *

Inspired by the 'smashed egg' dish from Kitchen by Mike, I decided to make my own adaptation. Rather than poaching the egg, I tried to soft-boil it then remove the shell. Took me a while to peel the shell as I was worried the yolk would break! First time round was my personal experiment and later when my brother woke up I did a second round to perfect the dish.

Round 1

'B smashed egg'
with chilli jam relish & light cottage cheese spread on toasted rye
plus side of garden salad
(purple onion, celery sticks, cucumber, 
green capsicum, grated carrots, tomatoes & mixed leaves)

Round 2
to break or not to break... the eggs?

boil egg for six minutes then carefully remove the shell 
so that the yolk should be barely cooked. 
arrange on top of desired sandwich 
& roughly cut through the centre for the yolk to ooze

Ta Da! 
'B smashed eggs' 
with chilli jam relish & avocado on wholemeal toast
plus side of garden salad

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