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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sigmund Pretzel *

 NY is probably the most over-used phrase since it became the 'city of dreams'. So true, yet how about an eatable-twist to keep things interesting?

I recall it was a chilly day in NYC, early February 2012. After devoting our day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to the appreciation of fine arts, Q and I were starving. Our mission was to locate the nearest food outlet, which is never too far away when one is in NYC. We can always depend on street carts for a decent quick fix before we search for a proper meal.

Soft pretzels and 'hot dogs' served on a pretzelbun are the key offerings from this particular street cart. Soft pretzels were not of the standard kind either. Popular flavours include salted, feta-olive, garlic-parsley, cinnamon raisin and seeded. Or if you feel like super-sizing it as the Americans do then opt for an UBER pretzel available Friday to Sunday, double the price and double the size! Take comfort in knowing the mustard, spiced kraut and SMILES are free.

Sigmund Pretzel
29th Avenue at 3rd Street, East Village
New York City

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