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Saturday, October 6, 2012

3 Mama Chef's *

Having Thai outside of Newtown is a rare occasion. On this evening, our party of six had a quick casual get together to start off the weekend. B and A ordered iced thai milk teas, which seemed like an improved thai version of Easyway. Usually I try to refrain from taking photographs in a group situation, but I just couldn't resist this time so managed to get a few snaps!

p.s. thank you to TM and C for venturing out to get some wine for our dinner. Yealands Way Sauvignon Blanc 2011 paired well with the oily and spicy dishes, given the light fruity tones of green apple and low acidity.

satay chicken skewers
(to start things off, chicken thigh pieces drenched in thick satay sauce)

chicken pad kee mao
wide soft rice noodles stir-fry with chicken breast pieces, 
chinese broccoli, egg, basil & garlic in a sweet hot chilli sauce

pork belly hokkien noodles
stir-fry with green beans & chilli
(for when one feels like asian spaghetti)

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